Happy Birthday, BUDDY!!!!

I interrupt my regularly scheduled What I Wore Wednesday post to bring you a most Special edition of It's BUDDY's BiRthDAY and today is dedicated to YOU!!! Where do I begin?! As I went through old pics of us for MANY years gone by, I couldn't help but think what as made our friendship so strong through the years? We have been though a lot together, Buddy! We have been on A LOT of choir tours, camps and mission trips together. We have been through MANY Bellevue Singing Christmas Tree performances, which you looked all pretty and hardly sang a note! HA! You've come a long way! I'm so proud of you! We have been to almost all of our primary educational schools together. It all began back at Ridgeway Elementary in the 5th grade! That's a LONG time ago! That right there makes me feel super old! Oh, but we are talking about how old YOU are TODAY! HA! 

When we met, you looked just about like this. This was jr. high Bellevue soccer. We were the Victors! I believe this was about circa 1992 or so. What fun we had with Coach Hipp! I can hear Coach Hipp now..."Get it, Laura! Don't run from the ball! Charge it!"  He whipped us girls into shape! 
You and I attempted soccer at ECS, as well. We didn't fare too well on that venture and determined that we were more of the church league material! I'll never forget your face on that away game trip when Coach Bond told you that you would be pretty, once you "filled out". (Sorry, I had to say it!) Hahahaha! 
Such good memories! 

This is Crystal, you and me one night after church. We were always terrorizing the fast food restaurants after church! We hit the G'twn Rd. strip at least twice a week! 

I have to show off the famous couple! This was the first year of the old time-y costumes for the Singing Christmas Tree. Aren't they cute?! Who knew this would one day be THE Mr. & Mrs. David Dawkins?! (Well, we all knew, but they weren't convinced at that age:)

Laurin, you, me and Rebekah at a store on a church trip. Ha!

We had some serious fun with our girlfriends! 


I just LOVE this pic! We made the trek in David's car to Southaven to go to the (then) only Steak n Shake. Little did I know then, but you and Laurin would end up with these gents! What fun!

This might have been one night at summer camp. We were always doing crazy poses! I have SO many great memories with you, buddy! 

I love this one. (sorry for the fuzziness) We got to spend two months in southern Spain in the summer of 2000. What a life changing trip! The Lord worked in our hearts about missions that summer. He gave us a heart for the nations! I praise the Lord for YOU, Buddy, and for all you and your family are doing as you sacrifice time and comfort to reach others for Him. I love you and look forward to many, many more memories with you in the coming years! 
I hope this is a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for you!


Inception said...

Even though I sent you an email this morning, I want to say it again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURA!!!! I love and miss you, sweet friend!!!

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