WIWW: What I Wore Wednesday

I am linked up to The Pleated Poppy to bring you What I Wore Wednesday, once again.

 I do want to say that I feel a bit like a cheater for posting what I wore on the weekend because that's not the regular "stay at home mom" life, but I am doing it anyway. HA! I also have to add that many days when I wear real clothes, my motivation is that we have somewhere to go that night and if I don't get dressed when I have a chance (yes, sometimes 5 hours earlier! can I get an amen??) I will still be in sweats at 6pm! Also, I want to say that I think there is NOTHING wrong with wearing sweats or as my sis calls them "stay at home mom clothes" everyday. I did that all through A's...well, probably the whole first year! I am sometimes just comfortable in lounge-y clothes. I think, for me, I have recently felt better after I've showered and put on some jeans. I have discovered that I don't eat like a pig either. HA! It's kind of that "you don't wear your pj's to work" mentality. I don't feel like I'm working here, but random people stop by most days, so I don't feel embarrassed as much anymore. :) Anyway, I just wanted to add that disclaimer so you didn't think this thing has gone to my head and I'm all worried about how I look all the time! I do want to say that I re-wear my outfits like Kate Middleton. HA! Ok, so here it is...


We went to my nephew's first birthday party.


I look tired here, it was early. :)

I want to tell you about this necklace. My mother in law gave it to me years ago. It was her mother's necklace. It is a prayer box. I always thought it was neat. I began wearing it when we were going through our journey of trying to have a baby. One day a snarly co-worker asked if it was a prayer box. I said, "yes" and then she said, "do you have a prayer in it?" I said, "well, no I don't." Then I put one in it! :) It has Matthew 21:22 in it. "And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith." I recently began wearing it again. I am not superstitious or anything. I believe in the power of the Word, meaning that this necklace isn't magical but a reminder of His promises.
(I didn't get a close up of the necklace in the pic of the outfit, so I added that today)


I love my TOMS!
We went to dinner for my sis-in-law's birthday. 
 Texas Roadhouse was so good!


Today I changed from dirty workout clothes, took a shower and put on clean workout clothes! I babysit a 3 month old once a week, so workout clothes it is! My sis gave me this burnout shirt. It will come in handy this summer when we spend our days in the backyard.

I have a lot of deeper things on my mind today, other than what I wore, but I want to keep it fun around here. ;)

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