WIWW: What I Wore Wednesday

WIWW: What I Wore Wednesday

*Thanks so much to all of you that commented on my last post or contacted me with all of the encouragement! It really means a lot and helps me to continue going with the Lord on this!

I'm linking up to the pleated poppy again. Things weren't incredibly interesting by way of wardrobe this past week, but this is what I've got. Honestly, the past few days have been pretty rough and I considered skipping this one this week, but I decided I must go on and keep that JOY that I spoke of in my last post. So here you go...

Saturday morning, we went to a neighbor's princess birthday party. Amelia got to dress up like a princess. :) There were tons of little princesses and even a little knight running around in their backyard! Moms can have fun too! :) This is me and my friend Marcia. (Our daughters are adoption buddies! They are three days apart in age and were adopted the same week! So cool! We actually met at this birthday party three years ago!) I am donning her daughter's Snow White headband that was oh so cute on her, but she had had enough! :)

Saturday night, we went to Annie's birthday dinner at the Grapevine Tea Room in Arlington. It was a murder mystery dinner. Pretty cool! This is a shot of Bear and I before the dinner. Pics of us together are few and far between, so I will take one when I can! I love him!!!! (We are actually celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this Friday! Can you believe it has been 10 years! We are an old happy married couple!:) I enjoyed the bit of Spring in the air Saturday. I'm looking forward to "real" Spring weather soon!

This is my girl and I on Sunday morning before we left for church.

Sunday night I had to wear my green jeans in celebration of St. Patrick's Day! :) They are really different, but I like them! (It's rare to snap a pic at home that doesn't include a dog or a baby! Oh well!)

I hope you are having a great week and enjoying this warmer weather, if that's the case in your neck of the woods! I will be posting another homemade adventure of mine soon. Homemade dish soap!

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