WIWW: What I Wore Wednesday

WIWW: What I Wore Wednesday

I'm, once again, linking up to The Pleated Poppy this week! Here goes:

I got to be a hostess at SkiMo's this weekend, so I got to trade "the black" for my own clothes! That makes for some excitement for this Mama. Ha! So even though these weren't all days that I was juggling babies, I included them in my weekly photos.

This we my Friday night hosting outfit. My layering worked because I had to shed the sleeves when I had to clean tables! The flats...oh so cute, but not too comfy on hour number 4!

 Saturday night outfit. We had a warm front come through, so I felt confident in sleeveless and thinner pants. Again, the wedges were cool for a bit, but I paid for them in the late hours! Not sure how to solve that prob.

This was Monday! Ha! I was totally slumming after my working weekend! I was a bit under the weather and slept in. Me and my coffee cup! :) These shoes of choice=my fave!

Tuesday I took the kids to the mall and we had a blast. We hit all the usuals...the carousel (A is obsessed with the zebra:), Disney Store and Chic-fil-a. Oh, and I made a stop to Teavana to treat my ailing throat to some warm herbal tea goodness!

Happy Wednesday!

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Linz said...

fancy! and soooo cute! every single one!