The Detox

Sunday morning I began the Dr. Oz' 48 hour detox.  It began with a quinoa porridge, which was actually pretty good. I could eat that on a normal day. It included prunes and ginger. Pretty tasty! I thought this wouldn't be so bad!

This is the quinoa breakfast.

We went to church and I got pretty hungry during the service. I was looking forward to whatever would be my lunch. Well, at first I blended up a pineapple kale smoothie. Just like it sounds....YUCK! He suggested juicing it and I'm just not sure that would have helped the taste. I made it three quarters of the way through a glass and gave up. It was such a strong, grassy taste. It included fresh mint and that was a very strong smell. 

No words needed. :(

I also mixed up another drink that was suggested to aid in detox. It was pomegranate juice, pineapple juice and water. It was great! The plan states that you can drink as much of the green drink and juice drink as desired throughout the days. I just stuck with the juice drink. 

The actual lunch was the smoothie pictured below. It was yummy! Ground flax, frozen blueberries, and  almond milk. Amelia even had a few sips of this one. :)

Both Sunday and Monday I had a tough time between lunch and dinner because                                 I got really hungry. It suggests snacking on raw green beans, cucumber and radishes with olive oil mixed with lemon juice and pepper. I've eaten many green beans in the past 48 hours! Not too bad, really. It won't be my go-to snack anytime soon though.

Finally, dinner was a cabbage soup. Thankfully, Bear helped me prep everything for the soup. Everything had to be chopped and then it had to boil then simmer on the stove for an hour. It takes a looooonnnngggg time for a big pot of soup to boil! I got so hungry. It actually smelled so good! This was the best tasting part of the plan. It didn't look very appetizing, but was great. It probably was so great because I was so hungry!

Here is a pic of the soup on the stove.

It was very filling and both nights I had two bowls. I could eat cabbage soup on a regular basis.

A funny thing...at Kroger, I was surprised to find that they do sell fennel bulbs. It was an ingredient for my soup. When we got to the check out, the lady didn't know what it was and then it took her a while to figure out how to charge for it. She kept calling it a "fennel bowl". HA! It really smelled great. Kind of like licorice. It was neat to try something new. 

Over all, the detox wasn't too bad. I did get hungry between meals. I did see bloat reduced in my stomach. I haven't had any negative effects from the plan so far. I would recommend it to someone, but would recommend getting a juicer to try the pineapple kale drink. I do think the cleanse would have been more effective had I drank that more. 

I do have a confession...I went to Sonic tonight...and ate a Resse's blast. I really don't feel bad about it though. I was so hungry. I went ahead and ate dinner with the family because I had to eat my soup at 4:30. Dinner was so good. But to kind of even things out, my neighbor and I ran before we ran to Sonic and then we walked home. :)

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