Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup

I decided to make my go-to dish for a family that has been sick this week--Poppy Seed Chicken. I've made this dish many times since we've been married. It seemed to be something everyone loves. This time, I decided to be a bit daring and change it up a bit. I used Greek yogurt (Fage) instead of sour cream. I just substituted it evenly. Then I decided to try my hand at making cream of chicken soup to avoid the MSG and other yucky ingredients that are in the can. Success! I was so excited! AND it was so easy! Why haven't I been doing this all along?!

Here is the recipe from Bun in my Oven :


-1 tablespoon flour (I used white wheat flour)
-3 tablespoons butter
-1/2 chicken broth
-1/2 milk
-salt and pepper, to taste


Melt the butter in a small sauce pan over medium-low heat. When melted, whisk in the flour and continue whisking until smooth and bubbly. Remove from the heat and slowly whisk in the chicken broth and milk. Return to the heat and bring to a gentle boil, whisking constantly, until the soup thickens. Add salt and pepper to taste. Substitute this for one can of cream of chicken soup.

This is not an exciting picture, but this is what the soup looked like after I finished. A quick taste and it was good.

I talked to my friend later last night and she said the Poppy Seed Chicken was really good. Yay! 

Just in case you haven't made this dish before. Here is the recipe...

Poppy Seed Chicken
-4 chicken breasts (boiled, shredded)
-1 cup sour cream or Greek yogurt
-1 can cream of chicken soup or equivalent homemade cream of chicken soup
-1 1/2 sleeves Ritz crackers or any cracker crumbs
-poppy seeds (i don't measure. i just scatter over crumbled crackers)
-3 tbsp. butter

Preheat oven to 350. Boil the chicken. Shred it. ( I used my Pampered Chef chopper. Love it!) Put the chicken in a 9X13 pan. Mix sour cream or yogurt with cream of chicken soup. Pour it over the chicken. Crumble crackers and put over mixture. Sprinkle poppy seeds over crackers, liberally. Melt butter in microwave for about 20 seconds. Pour it over the dish. Bake for about 35 minutes or until bubbly. Serve. 

This dish should yield 6-8 servings. 

Let me know if you try this for the first time!

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