This past week

I've been meaning to blog this week, but I've spent my late nights managing my latest obsession...Better Than Ebay. Ha! I have decided to de-clutter around here and I'm finding more and more to sell. It has been pretty profitable so far, but will end soon with a garage sale on Saturday. Our spare room is full of all the "goodies" and I'm ready for them to find a new home. 

I did make a couple of yummy meals this week! One was from Whole Foods. It is turkey meatballs and green beans. So easy and really good! It took no time to make and was easy to prep ahead of time. 

Another night, I made "burgers" from ground chicken. I loosely followed a recipe that I found  at the last minute by way of Google. It was great! I mixed about a pound of ground chicken with salt/pepper/garlic powder and crushed plain Mom's Best cereal (like Cheerios). Just as the recipe read, they tasted a bit like sausage. Yummy! Along with a side of sweet potato fries and  Italian veggie blend, it was a winner. Sorry there aren't any pics. We were hungry. :)

I'm looking forward to a few tasty meals this coming week. I plan to do a salmon pasta with peas along with key west grilled chicken kabobs (in the oven) and who knows what else. 

This will be my first week to begin babysitting full time. I'm looking forward to it. It will get me used to having two...or three. :) Things will be interesting, but we will get into a good groove. 

Oh, Amelia has started talking in full sentences this past week! Wow! She tells us when she wants to eat, sleep and all the in between! I'm glad because it has been hard to wonder about a lot of those things in the past. 

Have a wonderful Sunday with your family! 

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