Sun~Drop & Chocolate are Alive and Well!

So this is my first post in 2012. Better late than never, huh? It has been a crazy year! Bear had back surgery in June. He has fully recovered and we are so thankful. Meanwhile, my thyroid decided to throw me for a loop and I felt, well, nuts for most of the past few months. Thankfully, I have found a doctor who has things under control. All the while, our sweet girl has been our little sunshine! The Lord has continued to show his favor and faithfulness in our lives through it all. 

This has been an emotional, yet fun filled week. We just celebrated Amelia's birthday on the 29th of August. We had a fun party in our backyard for her on the previous Sunday. She had a blast playing in all the water activities and jumping on her new little trampoline. We met a couple buddies at the Memphis Botanical Gardens to tour My Big Backyard and had lunch at Panera Bread on Wednesday. Then, Monday, September 3rd, we celebrated "Gotcha Day". The actual day we became a family of 3. We went downtown to the Spaghetti Warehouse and had a yummy pasta dinner. (Amelia's fave) Then we walked around the park overlooking the river. It's crazy that it has been two years since she has been in our lives. We have loved every minute! 

A couple of weeks back, Jolaura took her pics at the sunflowers off Germantown Parkway. If you are in the Memphis area and looking for a good photographer, she is awesome! You can check out her work at JolauraBellPhotography.com

Thanks for stopping by to read what has been going on with us!  I am looking forward to blogging more frequently.  I want to write about more than Amelia, though I know she will most likely be mentioned in every post. :) I look forward to sharing many of my cooking ventures, ideas/practices in living/eating/using wholesome ingredients, antics from our daily lives and sharing what the Lord is doing in our lives through it all. 

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