Bertie the Bird and a Fun Filled Weekend

This weekend has been filled with a bunch of fun and quality time with sweet friends and family! Friday night I spent time with my ole high school buddies at Chrystal's house. We had a spa/mexican food night. Jess brought a foot bath and we each brought beauty products to trade. After enjoying dinner and taking turns pampering our tootsies, we Skyped with Laura and called Christy and got to all have a great time catching up together. I love technology! It was so awesome to be able to hear everyone's voices. It's wonderful that across the miles and through the years, we can remain friends. That is so neat how the Lord knits our hearts together. Jess snapped this pick of us "all together".

Next up was my long run with two buddies I haven't run with before. We met at Patriot Lake at Shelby Farms and headed across Walnut Grove toward the Germantown Greenway. The weather was beautiful and there were lots of people out for a run. We even saw two deer running along side our trail. I love when that happens. We ran for about two hours. We aren't sure exactly how far we went, but I'm pretty sure it was a little under 10 miles. We had a great time catching up/getting to know each other. I'm thankful to have met these ladies who are "farther down the road than me" through my church. I look forward to running with them in the near future.

After that, I headed to a sweet family's home to babysit their son, Cannon, while they attended a precious family member's memorial service. I just love this little boy and his family. I have the privilege of watching him on a regular basis. (He makes me wish for a boy for us, in the future. :)  Bear and Amelia met me and we all had a great time together. Here is a pic of Cannon from last week at the playground.

Then after heading home to get ready, I made the road trip to Atoka to attend my friend, Missy's baby shower. It was worth the drive! :) My sis and I enjoyed good food and fellowship as we watched her open many gifts. Here's a pic of my ole running buddy and I. I can't wait to meet her sweet baby girl in January!

Sunday, we went to church and had lunch at SkiMo's with our Sunday school class. It was great! Many hadn't been there yet, so they got to experience a great local place.

After a little bit of chill time at home, I ran to Kroger and got a few things. I had a great idea! I decided to cook a whole bird! I thought, what do I have to lose? Well, I had about $5 invested, so that was about it! I just followed the directions...oiled her up..(I affectionately named her Bertie)..put her on a make shift roasting pan, i e, broiler pan and popped her in the oven at 350 for an hour and forty five minutes.

Meanwhile, Bear stayed home to tend to the bird and Amelia and I walked over to our neighbor's first birthday party. We had a great time catching up with neighbors we seldom get to see. (By the way, we have an awesome group of neighbors in our 'hood! There are so many sweet Christian families surrounding us. Such a blessing!) Here are a couple of pics of the festivities.

                                               Amelia got a butterfly painted on her face. :)

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Etienne.

So back to Bertie...When we got home she was just sitting on the stove, cooling off. After a bit, I pulled her apart and...ok, I've got to stop referring to the bird as a girl...it was so simple to do this. I just refrigerated the meat and we can eat it all week. We saved a few bucks by cooking it ourselves and had a neat experience!

Finally, this coming week is a big one...My mom will be flying to Minnesota to Mayo Clinic tomorrow. She will be having testing done to determine if she will be having heart surgery in the near future. We covet your prayers as we walk through this with her. 

Thanks for reading, folks! I hope you had a great weekend!

The season opener is tomorrow night and I'll be there! Woot!

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