A Protein Packed Snack & A Request

A Snack


  • melt the chocolate in the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes, stirring half way
  • slice the banana in about two inch pieces
  • spread a dab of almond butter onto each banana slice
  • drizzle the melted chocolate on each piece
  • cover the dish with plastic wrap and freeze for about an hour   

(i placed the pieces in a corning ware dish, but next time i'll put wax paper down first. it was a bit difficult to separate them from the dish.)

Let's just say.. these didn't make it to my post-workout...Amelia and I devoured all of them after dinner tonight! :)

A Request

My mom will be having heart surgery this coming Monday at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. We learned of this news this afternoon. She has been there for testing this week. We are all a bit nervous about it, but do have a peace that she will be ok and that she is in the Lord's hands. I would like to ask that you pray for her as she has the surgery and that the doctors and nurses are able to do their work to the best for her. A few family members and I will be traveling there on Saturday morning and will return on Tuesday evening. We also ask for prayer for safe travel. I will be updating everyone on Facebook. Thanks so much!