A Few of My Favorite Things

I thought I would share a few fun, favorites in my life of late.  Some are serious, others superfluous....

1. I get so excited about getting a new 'do! I just love the "new" feeling of having a haircut or new color. 
    Here are just a few of the cuts/colors I have worn over the past few years...
2. Coffee.  I have tried to switch to tea many times because of the health benefits, etc. but there is nothing
    like a good cup of coffee!  I am trying to limit myself these days. Down to two cups most mornings!

3. Crossroads Baptist Church and especially those super sweet Sr. High girls!  Bear and I are thoroughly
    enjoying getting to know the students at Crossroads.  We have been amazed at how the Lord has grown
    our new church over this past year and look forward to many more glorious things the Lord is going to do
    in and through the lives of the members of Crossroads.
4. Gi Gi's Cupcakes  http://www.gigiscupcakesusa.com/

They are now open in Memphis! The most yummy cupcakes I have ever had! (Aside from Annie Tucker's).

5. Colby and Charlotte 
Charlotte has been my girl since the summer after my Sr. year in high school. I have known her longer than I have know Bear! She has been a "shoulder" to cry on many times. She knows all my secrets! :)
Colby is our crazy, lively, forever puppy of a dog! He is a "stand by your man" kind of dog. He waits for me to sit down every night and then plops down on my lap. He truly a dear. We have had him since the winter of '06.  Our lives have never been the same since!

6.  Chocolate!!! I just have to add this one! I really try to limit myself in this area, but I go a day or two and I
     am just dying for one little piece.  I am partial to dark, but am not picky when in need!
Here is a pic of my all time favorite! 
7. Running. (fitting follow up to chocolate, eh?)  A friend gave me a ear warmer for Christmas that says "Will
    Run For Chocolate".  That is me! If I didn't...well....that would be another post!
    This sport is just something that has always been there for me.  I don't need anyone to do it, though I do
    thoroughly enjoy having a running buddy, especially on those long runs.  I have recently began running with
    with music this past year.  It has really helped with motivation.  I do, however, enjoy just listening to
    nature.  I have contemplated taking a little notebook along in my back pocket.  I have come up with some
    great ideas while on runs lately!  So with this, I enjoy running races.  For me, not a race against other
    entrants but against myself.  I most recently ran my first marathon-The St. Jude Memphis Marathon.  It
    was truly a rewarding experience.  I would recommend it to anyone!
This is my running buddy, Missy, and I after the race.
8. Garner Rose.

She is my newest niece and the daughter of Michelle & Sammy.  This baby is truly my heart. I never knew that I could love a baby so much that is not my flesh and blood.  I am thankful that I am in the situation I am in, having a niece before having a child of my own, because I have learned so much from watching Michelle and my heart is truly bulging with love for this beautiful baby girl!  She is truly a blessing to our family and we are enjoying every minute of watching her learn and grow.  She is 5 months old today.

This business has been amazing for me! I have had tons of jobs and worked for some great companies but I have honestly never fell in love with a company like this.  I really enjoy having parties, meeting new people and decorating my home with lovely products!  I would like to continue to work my business in order to supplement our income after we have children.  I can work it around other activities and do it as little or as much as I want from month to month.  (By the way, if you would like to have a party, contact me! There are some lovely things in our new Spring catalog!)

10. Bear.
      Words cannot express why he is my favorite thing here on earth.  I would not be who I am today without
      this man.  The Lord has truly blessed me with Bear.  He reveals Himself to me daily thru my husband.  I
      look forward to many upcoming posts, sharing about the joys, trials and triumphs the Lord brings us
      through together.  I would not want to share it with anyone else!


Laurin said...

Loved reading your list. You, my friend, are one of my favorite things = ). Can't wait to try Gi Gi's Cupcakes next time I'm in town!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Thanks for adding me in there! But seriously, I think Gigi's has me beat! Although it sounds like I am copying Laurin, you are one of my favotite things too :)


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Amanda!

Lee said...

Yay for faves!

Candace said...

I understand about the niece thing! It's hard to believe you can love them like that (and in my case there's not even any blood relation!) I am def. spoiled with my cute little Foreman girls!