31 Reasons to Rejoice after Turnong 31 (part 1)

1. Amelia Rebecca Rose Cline...Nuff said.

2. My faithful, trustworthy, patient & loving husband, Bear.

3. Our growing church, Crossroads. Such a kindred fellowship of believers that are working toward the same purpose of doing church simply, while running to the heart of Jesus.

4. My sweet chocolate lab, Colby and faithful companion through the years, black lab, Charlotte. Always loving.

5. Super sweet friends who, I can say with tears, have literally held me up in prayer and encouragement over the years. You are loved and appreciated.

6. My family. You are the crackers, funniest people ever. As much as I have tried to convince myself that I was adopted, I can't deny that I am the spitting image of my Mama Bell!

7. My job. Being a stay-at-home Mom...finally! Though Bear insists I have to be at home more
than not to qualify. :)

8. Sweet former co-worker/friend and other sweet friends who have graciously donated milk to our Amelia, so she can drink some "real" milk every now and then.

9. Our lovely neighbors on our street. You make our neighborhood such a pleasant place to live.

10. The blessing of our home. Such a refuge for us to return to and a great place to invite guests. Thankful the Lord has strategically placed us on this corner for such a time as this.

11. The ability to run. It has been such a release for me overcthe years. I may not be Speedy Gonzales but I often feel like the Energizer Bunny...ticking off the miles one by one. I have met some awesome people through our local track club this year.

12. Starbucks on Houston Levee. It really is my "third place." I really enjoy the expience of being a customer at that store. They always make a perfect cup of warm yummy goodness for me. :)

13. Willow House (formerly known as Southern Living at HOME). I really enjoy being a Design Consultant for them. I look forward to growing my business on 2011. amandacline.willowhouse.com

14. All of my local friends who handcraft amazing products. From my hairdresser to my tie onsie maker to my buddy who make the yummiest cakes to the best invitation designer. You are appreciated. Look for a website launch entitled, Local Flair coming early 2011.

15. My old, trusty Honda Accord. Manufactured the year I graduated high school and still going strong with almost 200,000 miles on it.

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