I am thankful for...

Thoughtful friendships.  I am so thankful for the friends the Lord has provided me with over these past few years. Some I have known since high school and before and others just for a year. These people have been so encouraging and have truly spoken life to me in some of my darkest moments. God's word says to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. They have definitely been there for me. You know who you are! I am thankful for you!

Home.  I love our home! I am so thankful that the Lord provided it for us two years ago. It is in such a great location for us and we have the sweetest neighbors.

Amazing husband. Not your average Bear, I have to say! He is so living and gracious towards me each and every day. Watching him be the best daddy to Amelia truly melts my heart. I am thankful and blessed to be living life with you!

Nifty running buddies. I am so thankful for all of my running buddies. They are all so encouraging. Even though I am the slowpoke, they pull me along. I really am encouraged to go faster. I look forward to breaking some personal records in 2011.
Sleep.  I have always loved it but now that every moment if it is precious, I am thankful.

Godly church. Crossroads is such a blessing to our lives. We are truly thankful to be on this journey with these people. It has been such an amazing blessing to be in the midst of a new thing the Lord is doing. We look forward to getting back involved and being there more consistently in the coming months.

In-laws- I am very thankful for my in-laws. They are some of the sweetest people I know. I always say that going down to their house in AL is like going on a retreat. It's just more quiet and peaceful. 

Victorious warrior- God. He is my strength daily. He is my protector and shield. He is my Heavenly Father and provider. He is truly the lover of my soul. I am thankful he is my reason for living. I seek to proclaim my thankfulness for Him!

Itty bitty baby girl, Amelia. She is truly the light of our life.  She has brought us so much joy in the past three months. We look forward to all the growth and fun that the coming year brings with her. Our Heavenly Father is, indeed, faithful.

(I was going to try and do an acrostic with THANKSGIVING but just couldn't make it work. That's why I have some interesting adjectives in there. :)

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