31 Reasons to Rejoice After Turning 31 (part 2)

16. Confidence. Before dropping us off at school, my dad would say, "Remember who you are and Whose you are". I have repeated that to myself many times over the years. I feel more confident, now, in who I am, what I'm about and in following Him to wherever He leads.

17. Allison & Dawn. Rejoicing in the Lord for you precious ladies. Forever knit to us in such a special way. We are thankful for you and your sweet spirits.

18. The Christmas holiday season. Truly a joyous time. Candy making, gift wrapping, card envelope addressing, ornament placing, sweet fellowshipping. Just a wonderful month of joyous festivities.

19. Cordova, TN. I have lived in this little suburb most of my life. It has been so neat to watch it grow and develop. When we moved, I felt like we loved so far from civilization. Kroger seemed so far away, as did Germantown Parkway. My sis and I were thrilled as we drove by the building of the Wolfchase Galleria. I think we went there for a solid week when it opened it's doors!
As our area has grown and we now live in our house, we have enjoyed patronizing local establishments and building relationships with folks. We feel the Lord has placed us in our home, on our street strategically, for such a time as this.

20. (so funny to mention and doing so partly as a joke) my iPhone. I use this thing to capacity. Not only is it a telephone, it is my way on to the information super highway (Google, my preferred search engine), ESV Bible app, my Notes app, calculator app, and many more. Yes, I am rejoicing the Lord formy iPhone!

21. Washer & Dryer. Following an unfortunate malfunction, we made the decision to invest in high efficiency w/d. They have revolutionized my domestic life. Not only is it energy/water efficient, but it's a time saver. They gitterdone! :)

Memo: I know this was going to be 31 but, well, it's 21.

Merry Christma to all!


Dawn said...

Milk? If I am on the right track...I have some to spare if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

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Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?