WIWW: What I Wore Wednesday

WIWW: What I Wore Wednesday

I have to say this may be the most mindless and surface-y series I am embarking on, but I think at this stage in my life, it is a fun and necessary one. I found this blog a few months ago and love it! WIWW is simply a way for stay at home moms to be motivated to wear "real" clothes vs. (as my sis puts it) "stay-at-home-mom clothes" everyday. I have found that I feel much better when I wear real clothes around the house, even if I'm not planning to go anywhere. I feel more motivated and productive. There are days where I don't get into those real clothes until 3 pm, but that just comes with the territory. At least I'm not in my pjs all day! :) So here it goes...

 Sunday: Obviously, there is not temptation to wear sweat pants to church. :) This happens to be Annie's dress that I was trying out for a banquet that's next Friday. I love it! I need to find something similar. It was pretty comfy!

Monday: sportin' my new-ish TOMS my mom got me for Christmas. They are multi-colored and don't match much, so I wear them with everything! They are so comfortable! I am addicted. I aspire to get some TOMS wedges. Do you have any? I wonder if they are comfy too.

Tuesday: I got these flats (my first ever pair of true flats! GASP! I know!) I'm a short girl. I'm used to wearing heels. I decided to try a pair. I got these babies at DSW for (drum roll) $13.11 on Monday! With a gift card! Woot! I really like them. Can you tell that I'm a shoe girl?

Wednesday: I love this shirt! I got it on sale last month at Francescas. It's a bright piece for me, but I needed some more color in my wardrobe. I was actually home all day today, but (excited) I'm going out for sushi with some girls!

So, a. what do you think of this seemingly mindless post? Can you relate to the need for
motivation? b. want to join me? I'm linking up to The Pleated Poppy each week!

P.S. I have a lot on my heart at the moment, so a more thought provoking, deeper post will be coming your way very soon! :)

Thanks for reading!


In Definition said...

love this post!!! blogs are made to be both serious and mundane! fun to see what's in fashion around there:)

Tammy said...

Cute and sassy! Keep it up! :-)

Laurin said...

Like, like, like! Keep it coming.
P.S. You have amazing hair ; )

Lee said...

I like the last outfit best! All of those are very dressed up for the SAHM standards that I practice regularly. You're inspiring!