10 Things Thursday

1. It has been a long time since I have blogged. I am not completely sure why. I haven't felt like I have had tons to say in the past month or so. I have sort of felt "blah" and that's nothing to blog about! Bear has had some health issues where he had to be in the hospital the week before Memorial Day and then had hernia surgery a couple weeks ago. So we have been struggling a bit. Keeping our chins up though. :)

2. My sister, Michelle, and I got some good quality time in while we painted our future nursery a yellow called "golden slumber". My mom has been insisting that I go shopping with her and pick out a crib because in her words, "I need to be preparin' ". So we have two huge things done. Here is a pic of the room (though it doesn't show the true hue of the yellow and the amazing bed. I love it!

3. Bear and I continue to wait upon the Lord for who he has to bring into our family. It does feel good to feel sort of "prepared" especially because we most likely won't have months and months to get ready. We will probably slowly start finding things to fill the room.

4. In the meantime, I have been loving hanging with my beautiful niece, Garner. She is such a sweetie pie! She just turned 10 months! It is so hard to believe!

5. I am continuing to love running. My friend, Missy, and I did the Harbortown 5k for the first time at the beginning of June. It was really a nice race. I did pretty well for a night race. Usually I don't do so well because it is at the end of the day. For me, any time under 30 mins. for a 5k is just fine! :)

6. We are planning to do the Road Race Series beginning this month with the Memphis Runners Track Club. It is a series that does two 5k's in July, two 5milers in August, two 10k's in Sept., two 10milers in October and two 1/2 Marathons in Nov.  This will be a good lead in for our training because we hope to do the St. Jude Marathon again in December.

7. Running is basically cheap therapy for me. Aside from the physical benefits, which I wonder sometimes if my body has become used to running, it causes me to release tension in a positive way. If I don't go for a couple of days, I just crave it, like chocolate! :) (That's probably a good thing because I love chocolate too!)

8. So I have been in short hair world for quite a while now. Like an old lady, I make my hair appointments ahead of time. Like at my appointment, I make my next appointment. Well, since my hair is short, I usually get it cut about every 6 weeks. My hairdresser went on maternity leave from the end of April to the second week of June so I had to go about 8 weeks. I know that seems like not much extra time, but in short hair world, it's a loooooooooong time. I really wanted to wait until she came back because she is the only person I trust and I have gone to her for over 7 years now.

My friend and co-worker, Meredith, and I frequently discuss our hair woes. She wound up betting me a Muddy's cupcake that I couldn't hold out for the 8 weeks without getting a trim. I came so close so many times! But I tell you, that bet really kept me going! I made it!
The funny thing is, I went at the beginning of June and then three weeks later decided it wasn't short enough and just went back again! (I know, I am driving Bear crazy!) So here is the most recent cut.

9. I am extremely excited and anxiously awaiting the Dawkins move back to Memphis! July 15th is the day! I am especially excited to meet one that I have prayed for and loved for so long......

Jude Ream
I know we will have many fun days ahead as they will be in Memphis for a season!

10. Though Bear and I eagerly and a lot of times, to our fault, anxiously await the sweet one the Lord has for us, I am reminded to....

"Be still and know that He is God..."           "He is faithful and He will bring it to pass"

He is holding us up with his righteous right hand and will not let us go. He has a mighty plan for our lives, for our good and His glory. I pray that I stay alert and look for ways He is seeking to use me in this present time.


Stacey Hays said...

Great post! Loved seeing you yesterday...even though I was all numbed up! Love the bed...oh and I know all about hair woes...boy do I have some of my own!

In Definition said...

thanks for the update! I've missed your blogging:) we are excited about being in the same city too! by the way...I LOVE the bed!!!

The Gipsons said...

Love the crib and the color! Keeping you guys in my prayers as you wait for a little one!

Annie said...

I just love that baby bed! And your hair cut is super cute! Had so much fun hanging out with you last night :)

Laurin said...

Ohhh...I love the crib! Looking forward to seeing it in person!
I love the pic of Garner looking at you! She already treasures her Aunt Amanda.

Kim said...

Your faith is so encouraging...so many more are in a season of waiting than I think we sometimes realize. God is being glorified as you cling to Him and trust His goodness and timing. Can't wait to see that nursery occupied!

BrandAshley said...

I love you, Amanda. I can't just hear you talking as I read your words. Esp. when you said "I need to be preparin' ". I can hear you AND your mom. Love the bed and the wall color!! Praying for you! Oh, love the hair tooooo!! See you SOOOOON!!!

Bethany said...

I loved reading this post. :) You are such a sweet friend and just listening to you makes me smile. See you Saturday!

Josh and Kacie said...

I'm excited about your upcoming adoption. I love that bed it is so pretty.