Lovin' Local: RotoClean Services

We have lots of carpet and two big dogs. Good combo? NO! We love our dogs. They were our "kids" before we adopted Amelia. I am convinced, on this side of things, that they are messier than kids. However, they are worth it! They are super sweet and provide hours of entertainment for everyone. They also cause hours of vacuuming, sweeping and...how should I put this?..."duty". 

Back in September, we had just come home from the beach and the next morning, woke up to a mess in our den, due to one of our "kids". I immediately went into "freak out" mode because that next week I was beginning to babysit a toddler. Everything we did was making the mess messier! Then, I called Eric at RotoClean. He came over THAT AFTERNOON and cleaned our carpet. He did an amazing job! We were so pleased with his work!

The number one thing that has always annoyed me about professional carpet cleanings is that it takes a LONG TIME for the carpet to dry.  Seriously, our carpet was dry in just about an hour! 

I highly recommend this company for carpet cleaning. Soon, we are going ask Eric to clean our grout. I attempted that before Amelia's birthday party in August. Good workout, but not a fun job. I'll leave it to the professionals! 

Here are a couple of before and after pics that I found on their website....

Three chihuahuas and Three ferrets made this mess. They cleaned it to perfection!


A drab entryway made warm, clean and inviting!

You can view more before and after pics here.
You can check out their Facebook page by searching: RotoClean Services.
Angie's List has over 65 reviews on them. They have been #1 ever since they started.
If you are in need of professional cleaning services, I highly recommend these folks.

On a personal note, these are incredible people. They love the Lord and seek to serve Him in all they do. 

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