Before and After

~Before baby: on Sun nights,  I would dread the new week, dread work, dread getting up early.

~After baby: on Sun nights,  I look forward to the new week! Getting up early to feed baby, getting to know
  her more and introducing her to the world!

~Before baby: I came straight home from work to make dinner. Everything was rushed.

~After baby: I don't even have to make dinner! I just wait for a phone call, answer the door and a sweet lady from my church has made us dinner! j/k, that's the way it is now. Soon I will begin dinner in a more enjoyable and leisurely fashion.

~Before baby: I squeezed my quiet time in before running out the door or during my lunch break.

~After baby: (I know this will change too) I make my coffee and sit in the recliner and take my time
doing my quiet time.

~Before baby: I would frequent Babies R Us and Target, print another person's registry and buy for them.

~After baby: I get to go to Target and Babies R Us for OUR BABY! (I still love shopping for shower gifts, but I have waited for this time:)

~Before baby: we routinely watched the 10pm news, went to bed and bear would fall asleep to the tv in our room.

~After baby: we plop down on the couch full of the casserole we enjoyed by some sweet Sunday school class member, begin watching tv and by probably 9:30 we are all 3 layed out asleep! (then wake up when little missy needs to eat, about 11.

~Before baby: I ate a good breakfast, on the go, ate two snacks a day and a good lunch (on an hour lunch break) then a good dinner at home.

~After baby: grab a banana or bowl of cereal between feedings, grab a spoonful of peanut butter and breathe a sigh of relief when that lovely casserole arrives.

~Before baby: I would squeeze household chores in to a few nights a week, usually washing clothes when Bear says, "dear, I don't have any clean underwear."

~After baby: I gladly wash clothes almost daily because baby goes thru a lot of outfits, burp cloths and bibs. I just love washing those sweet little clothes!

~Before baby: we prayed often that the Lord would answer our pleas to expand our family. We praised him for our situation despite our pain. We waited...

~After baby: we praise our Heavenly Father for answered prayer. Thanking him that he knows the perfect time to bring blessings to pass. Praying for his will as we raise our sweet daughter to love and fear him.


Ami said...

Beauty. <3

Bethany said...

it makes me so happy to know how things have changed for you. we are finally living the lives that we've always prayed for aren't we buddy? :) well, i will be in a few more months!

Laurin said...

This is my favorite post EVER!

Macy Cross said...

Love it!

Paul boyd said...

Congrats to you and Bear, many Blessings to you and your expanded family!!!